Atelier Roosenschoon is a brand by Puck Roosenschoon, founded in The Netherlands in 2019. In this year Puck graduated as a Creative Craftswomen in Amsterdam.

Atelier Roosenschoon specializes in leather bags that are minimal and timeless. All our products are sewn by hand and produced at our atelier in Alphen aan den Rijn.

While designing our bags, we don’t work with seasonal collections because we believe in timeless items. We’re working with a standard collection of modern classics. These will continuously be released in new, small quantity of colors. Every so often we’ll drop a design in a limited edition of color.

We don’t like waste, that is why every small piece of leather that remains after cutting the skin is re-used for the production of smaller pieces.

We hope that when you buy an Atelier Roosenschoon bag you know that your bag has been made with love.