The collection is called Reverse and each bag has a different name. We have the up side down, the opposite and the sideways.

I wanted to make something different than usual but when is something “really different” ? After much research I started to try some things, twist and turn everything around. In my opinion this was still not good enough. Until I turned every picture around and hold it up side down. I wondered why I shouldn’t do this with all my designs?

I make the bags just in a different way than they are normally made, which is also developed in how the bag is worn. Throughout the design process and production you have to look at it from another side. Constantly thinking the other way around, is more complicated than you think. The order of the production process is extremely important. There is only one sequence that works.

Each design is made different. I try to incorporate the combination of fibrant color and my eye for detail for a refreshing end result. With this collection I want to show what I am able to do and what I want to achieve.